Getting Started

Welcome to the VaultN API Documentation. VaultN is a robust digital distribution platform that connects game publishers, retailers, and distributors, facilitating a seamless buying and selling experience of game keys and other digital products. This document outlines the detailed usage of VaultN API endpoints for our partners and developers to interact with the platform effectively.

Listed here are the steps for integrating with VaultN API.

  1. Invitation and Registration
  2. Account Setup
  3. API Authentication
    1. Certificate
    2. Authentication Token
  4. Utilizing the Endpoints
    1. Catalog Related Endpoints
    2. Order Related Endpoints

Joining VaultN

VaultN is an invitation only network. An invitation from and existing VaultN member is required. This invitation will be your key for joining the VaultN network and creating your account.


This documentation provides full description of the latest version of the endpoints with future work also scoped where it's applicable.

  • Follow the guides here to get familiar with the most relevant endpoints and to get familiar with the overall experience of VaultN API.
  • Experienced users may refer to API Reference for individual endpoint documentations.